divine design

We have always been proponents of the “Ask, Believe, Receive” principle at Volanni. The incantation, which has appeared everywhere from the New Testament all the way up to New Age teachings, basically states that everything you wish for is attainable as long as your intention is just and your belief is steadfast.

We try to practice this as best we can, despite the daily trials that do everything they can to make our faith waver. But every so often, right when the stress from running a business in our nation’s frenetic capital comes to a boiling point, the universe sends us a message or messenger to remind us that we’re on the right path.

The letter below is a perfect example of such an inspired message that was delivered by a wonderful messenger. Every couple of months we hold seminars on the healing properties of floral design. Michael Lanni discusses his intuitive technique and shares his whimsical story of finding this path/profession/way of life… or how it found him. Either way, he illustrates that the intuitive technique he uses for floral design is the same one that informs his big decisions in life. Years of meditation is the foundation that this intuition is built on.

So, here’s to Asking, Believing, and Receiving. Here’s to knowing that all our dreams can manifest into tangibles. That they are indeed designs within reach. How fitting, that the seminar that led to the below exchange occurred at the store “Design Within Reach.” The universe, for all its infinite wisdom and creativity, can sometimes be downright silly like that……


I’m not sure who reads the emails at your company, but this letter is for Mr. Volanni. Mr. Volanni, I’m the young Asian woman who attended your seminar at Design Within Reach, and I just wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful presentation and words of wisdom. The event was particularly memorable to me because I’ve been on a search for balance and spirituality myself. I had, in fact, been reading Eat, Pray, Love–a memoir about a woman’s spiritual journey–on the train right before I came into your seminar and was to the part where she discusses meditation and all it encompasses. I was therefore pleasantly shocked when I found myself hearing about meditation, focus, and the path of Life at a floral seminar, where I would least expect this kind of thought!I thought to myself that this could be no mere coincidence, and after speaking with you, have decided to pursue meditation and learn as much as I can about it. After speaking with someone who has so much passion and focus in his life (you), I want more than ever to try whatever I can to achieve the same. I’ve never been a spiritual person, but I’ve found myself drawn more and more to anything having to do with yoga, meditation, and/or the search for some sort of reason and Being. Your presentation came at exactly the perfect time to encourage my search further!So, thank you. Your words were incredibly inspiring, both as a person who has a clear idea of who he is and a strong sense of balance, and as a designer who has to find the compromise between fulfilling himself and working with clients. I left DWR that night feeling light, happy, and on my way to achieving whatever it is I’m meant to achieve. You’ve unknowingly had a dramatic impact on my life! All the best to you,



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